The State Constitutional Convention Clearinghouse


U.S. states where the people can use a state constitutional convention to bypass the legislature's gatekeeping power over constitutional amendment

 Foreign Constitutional Conventions

For recent information on constitutional convention developments in other countries and in U.S. states not otherwise covered here, see the LinkedIn Group, The Constitutional Convention Clearinghouse, also maintained by’s J.H. Snider.  This group/website is for miscellaneous constitutional convention information that doesn’t fit on this website.

Note: This LinkedIn group replaces an earlier Facebook group,  Constitutional Convention and Citizens Assembly Based Democratic Reform Facebook Group (2012-present) and Facebook page with the same title (2009-2012).  The Facebook page replaced the Citizens Assembly News Digest, a newsletter sent via e-mail to scholars and practitioners.  The Citizens Assembly News Digest, in turn, replaced the Citizens Assembly Blog, which during 2006 and 2007 covered citizen assemblies on electoral reform in British Columbia, Canada; Ontario, Canada; and the Netherlands; and a state legislative proposal for a citizens assembly in California.

Ranked Constitutions & Democracies

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Constitutional Texts

Constitutions of the world from the late 18th Century to the middle of the 19th Century, The Rise of Modern Constitutionalism–1776-1849.  Note: many of the constitutions are not translated into English.

Codified Constitutions, Wikipedia.

The World’s Constitutions to Read, Search, and Compare, The Constitution Project.

Kim Lane Scheppele, Kim Lane, Perspectives on the Constitution: Constitutions Around the World, National Constitution Center.

Table: Advanced Western Country “Constitutional Conventions” Since 2000


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