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Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 Download

Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010

Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 makes Portable.

No need to install it!

Or, if you want, preparation for both 32 and 64 bit is included. This program is only for today. Get it while it lasts, and then use the MSI file. Open to get your own

Easily change from Windows XP / Vista to Windows 7 using Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010. With our advanced technology, you can move your business to the latest operating system. Determine how long you want to keep your existing Windows system, and the applications and files you want to switch to Windows 7.

The new operating system new opportunities

Microsoft Windows operating system that is used worldwide. Although Windows 7 brings many benefits such as support for better hardware, choose the interface that is more intuitive, and media codecs and network functions, Windows 7 will also keep users busy to manage data and applications when they switch from existing and familiar Windows XP or Vista on their configuration.

The new operating system to new risks

Switch to the new operating system presents some risks. Users should check whether Windows 7 will support the existing hardware and software applications. There are some restrictions for Windows XP users because it is not possible to directly upgrade to Windows 7 – users need to develop a new system and the risk of losing data during the process. In addition, there are some unfamiliarity with the new operating system – it is different from what they are used to and can leave them vulnerable to upgrade their system is not correct.

The new operating system – System Upgrade Utilities!

System Upgrade Utilities offers a user-friendly package with tools to manage the switch to Windows 7, making it easy and effective. Instead of switching to Windows 7 directly with recourse, our bundle lets you save custom configuration Windows XP / Vista while using Windows 7 at the same time, on the same computer. System Upgrade Utilities you can thoroughly test Windows 7 and then determine whether to make your main operating system, if it meets all of your needs.

key features

Creating a dual-boot system

With distribution option included, you can easily create a dual-boot system on your computer. After Windows 7 installation is complete, you will see that the same operating system, either Windows XP / Vista or Windows 7 whenever you need.

Paragon boot manager

Decide whether you want to boot Windows XP / Vista or Windows 7. The Paragon Boot Manager shows a list of installed operating systems after turning on the computer.

P2V Migration / Restore

Physical Windows hard drives, individual partitions or other backup files can be migrated into a virtual environment and respectively be restored. With this method, you will be able to use Windows 7 and your previous Windows XP / Vista at the same time. Creating a virtual system to one of the configurations while keeping the other in a physical environment.

p2P Adjust

Returns OS startup ability after system migration to a different hardware platform.

Backup and Restore

The Partition Manager + Virtualization Manger Bundle contains features to conduct full system backups and restore them later. Early use Backup Wizard, it is simple to create an image backup on local hard drives, network shares or USB drives.

Recovery CD based on WinPE

Virtualization Manager 2009 you even get a WinPE based Recovery CD without additional fee (if not included in Partition Manager Personal).

More info at

Portable SFX EXE file generated using WinRAR. You can use it to extract the files and check them one by one if you want to make sure what is running on your machine.

It also built on XP x86 machine, I do not know whether the program can be run on x64 or Vista machine. I’t up to you to check if you are using them.

Suggest that the use of P2P download


1) It is better to run all the programs downloaded using Sandboxie or on the same virtual machine until you are sure they are clean.

2) If in doubt, scan them in Scan Internet service such as that provided by VirusTotal and Jotti

*** NOT *** This will provide assurance that they are clean and check the file, or if they see it as Troian so or just another false positives, but it helps you to make decisions and at least ask for help or info.

3) Remember, trust is not there, and when in doubt, go to a place that 1)

4) If you find an upload that contains a trojan or anything malicious or illegal, but began to denounce comments uploaded, take the time to go to the Forum Suprbay:

and report the link and comment there, and someone will take care of all privileges.

That’s the only way to maintain TPB and upload fresh and clean.

That’s what security concerns. If after testing you like and it is useful for you, show your support for it!

Enjoy and remember: o)

Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010