Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 x64 x86 torrent

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 x64 x86 torrent

Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013

KB file contains the current Feb11-2014

VL Source:

Issue Archive:



The MSP files in the folder Updates:

In the no-accessintl 10 Behold, I have 10, there is no sign of the 10-to-door clview

CSI-10-en-us-not convintl, excel-10-not, excelintl-10-en-us-not excelpp

excelppintl exppdf-en-US-x-no, no, FilterPack-10, 10-non-fpsrvutl

10-non-groove, grooveintl-10-en-us-not InfoPath, Lync-10 non-

lynchelp lyncintl-en-us-in us, it is not msmipc-10, 10-font-no-en-us msointl

nlgmsproof-non-10, 10-non-diet, 10-non-oil, non-OneNote-10

onenoteintl orgidcrl-en-US-x-no, no, oscfb-10, 10-non-osetup

10-nor-osfclient, osfclientintl-en-us-10-not outexum, Outlfltr.msp 10-non-

10-non-Outlook, outlookintl-10-en-us-not peopledatahandler

10-non-Powerpoint, powerpointintl-en-US-x-ppaddin the counsel of the 10-non-

Be-in-us, by the Test-proof, FR, FR, editor-non-10, 10-non-Riched20

10-non-SetupExe, stsupld-zero-x-x-urlredirection is to say, non-pope-10

10-non-VSTO, vviewer-10-not 10-word, 10-en-us-not-WordPre wordintl


Microsoft Office ProPlus-2013-vi-x86, -en-us-x64 feb2014


Making use Microsoft file Toolkit.

Click Services, AutoKMS installed, click, and activate the.

Microsoft Office Visio 2016 VL ProPlus Project (x86-x64) April 2016

*** Information Launch

– Includes: lorem 2016 Plus or Pro Office Project 2016, Visio Pro 2016 (Volume License)

– English (en-US)

– Channel: Volume Licensing

– Version:

– Architectures: x86 / x64

– Of Languages, British Spaniards

– Last April 12, 2016

Bonus folder ***

– Beta Toolkit Microsoft KMSpico + 5 (Activators)

– UBitMenu Customizer (add toolbars for Office 2003 style menus in Office 2016) – Free for personal use

– Previous versions Uninstallers (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Shortcuts off / restore the well “Login” the role of the use of the (Reg) – Source:

– Disable / Office 2016, and pay telemetry (TM) – Source: #configure

*** Source files



Backward compatibility ***

He took away the rest, the possibility of parallel versions of Microsoft Office 2016.

And more be destroyed with the instrument of demand this, and used version of the elders of the components. An older version of Outlook 2013/2010 Publisher in 2016.

In other words, they do not mix versions of the Office.

Tools you can use the Microsoft Fixit tincidunt uninstall / remove / delete previous versions of office (included in the folder Bonus).

What is the reason that the trace from the office.

New *** Microsfot Office 2016 Volume Edition

No offers New Publications Click2Run Unlike the edited volume application by a new profile image (File – aspect – updates).

Bible Changes in the 2016 Office of the VL, should you move to the “Get updates for other Microsoft products Update” Windows Update.

*** The judgment

– 64-bit version only works in 64-bit systems

– Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 10 SP1 + on, Server 2012 R2 / I2 2012/2008

– Bible .NET: .NET is required. Some features require that you install any .NET CLR

*** installation

– By means of the condition of the Remove previous versions Uninstaller (Bonus folder) reset, and, if it is necessary,

– Archive ISO / electronic / retrieving on the mountain,

– Office of Placing components

– Active KMSpico use / 5 After the installation of Microsoft Toolkit beta All Products

*** optional

– Disable / Office 2016 and pay telemetry – merge Reg file “Disable / Office 2016 and pay telemetry” (effect after a reboot)

– Disable / Restore option “Login” in the office applications – merge Reg file “Disable / Restore Log” (effect after a reboot)

– Install UBitMenu customize (optional)

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013


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Wondershare PDFelement 5 Tiffy Torrent

Wondershare PDFelement 5

Wondershare PDFelement multilingual

All-in-one PDF for your growing business. Change your way of working with PDF. Wondershare PDFelement provides everything you need to make a PDF can be done. PDFelement, of course, the best solution for editing PDF-files.


With the element of PDF, edit text, change fonts, as you do in Microsoft Suite. Just click and start typing easy.


Our technology (optical character recognition), top-of-the-line OCR converts scanned documents into fully document editing allows you to: find, edit, format the entire text. Multiple languages ​​are supported, including English, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish and many others.


You want to work on a document with other programs? Convert to PDF directly from Word, Excel, video and other popular file types.

Add image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Simply insert an image into a PDF file and change its choice of the document.

Bates numbering

Work on a legal document and want an easy way to identify and search? Place identification numbers on each page to help index more pages for easy identification and retrieval.

creating a model

Editing existing form or create your own using the customizable options such fields as text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, combo box, combo box or button signature. All interactive research data collection to create or wind.


They have more than one file that you want to connect? Element allows you to convert several PDF files into one PDF for easy organization.


Highlight important text with our differences instrument or take notes to communicate detailed information. Choose from over 20 predefined stamps will archive or set a specific area of ​​the document.

password protection

It is known that some of the documents, sensitive and requires a high level of protection. Setting limits for opening, copying, editing and printing, make sure that your files are safe even if they fall into the wrong hands.


He received request or the need to sign a contract? Use the supplied encrypted digital signatures in accordance with industry standards, or create specifically for handwritten signature.


Some of the information is confidential and sensitive to public opinion. To prevent private information from falling into the editing tool makes it possible to permanently blacklisted text or image.

System requirements:

– Operating system: Windows

– Processor: 1 GHz or higher

– Memory: 512MB RAM or more

– Free hard disk space: 500 MB or more

what’s New

1. The interface and entirely new style.

2. The user experience is enhanced new interactive design.

3. novorozrobleni bar and menu.

4. enhance effects rendering and more efficient editing and conversion to PDF.

5. Recognition of position and the upper and lower supports.

6. The new version of the integrated OCR.

7. The new home page.

8. Capture added to the screen.

9. A new pop-up adds to the right lane.

10. New features added for comment, including typewriters, isolated area, a wavy line and Insert.

11. Added new feature hiding annotations.


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Wondershare PDFelement 5


AMS Software Business Card Maker 9 Portable Banunu Download

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AMS Software Business Card Maker 9 Portable Banunu Download

AMS Software Business Card Maker 9

Music Maker Business Card AMS

And all the marks of his generation, when it comes to business cards on their business cards. The template 550 in 5 minutes from professional services to business customers now will help you not to do. Without prejudice to select the name, and just want to add contact information to print on the map. If the full cost of the project from the design of business cards at the time.

Maker 9 features a business card:

The different types of business cards

-. Visiting card information molestie months

– Contact lacus – perfect for clear, there is only one law, psychologists, estate agents, etc.

– Lorem card company, has designed. He will be great, not one of these devices can do.

– Badges minimum data read Latin. Add pictures can be.

Design and editing features

– 150 gift enterprises of different types of templates designed for them.

– Form, color justo feedback from the beginning of our plan.

– Excellent infrastructure: solid, gradient, texture, or graphics.

– Add photos, graphics and images that form of various icons.

– Manage easily design element “is required to list” feature.

-. The template is Elite and unless a template

Ability Database

– Company Information professionals and the lake.

– Allows to store information template.

– Bethlehem highway, entered in the database.

– Number of full information to citizens.

printing options

– Print Paper Size differently.

– Print from 600 dpi to 1200 dpi resolution and export.

– Print printing costs thanks to alcohol consumption.

– Link to the loss of documents printed image, not quality.

– Use it to find blood to perfect after cutting.

– Print sample proved that a single card.

design resources

– A hundred pictures, and area lakes for different jobs.

– A wide range of beautiful Backround.

– Import your images to the program porch.

Integer Bibendum Lacinia Machine Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.


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AMS Software Business Card Maker 9


WinToHDD Enterprise 2 Nicky Pie Torrent Download

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WinToHDD Enterprise 2 Nicky Pie Torrent Download

WinToHDD Enterprise 2

of this

– Release Date: 5/30/2016

– Installation: run the installer, copy the executable file was updated to bin folder of the installation directory (running only on 64-bit systems)

– Pro: registered, decompress and run the executable (64-bit only)

– Note: The only 64-bit systems; for the patch that is to say, to run the application, the root (install and Portable)

Changes in Latin

– Maintaining directly from Windows to install or replace Wim or SWM file ESD

– Maintaining to install Windows, or restore it to a VHD or directly VHDX

– Fixed bug: boot into Windows, but not in the exploration of, and in some cases,

– Add encryption support ESD

– Improved User Interface

– Fixed minor bugs

The Company WinToHDD

Install or reinstall Windows without 10 400 / DVD or USB!

And it is very convenient to install Windows WinToHDD program for Windows that allows you to replace or without a system, 400 / DVD or USB drive.

With everything in one easy to replace the use of Microsoft Windows installation disk to install a Microsoft Windows operating system, which is in outdoor or clone the current installation Windows OS (Vista or later) to another disk.

Microsoft office workers try WinToHDD how easy it is clean interface with three buttons one by one to install the operating system of the local workstation, the other to start a new design installed in Windows (hard disk drive) The third reason other place in the world to generate this example.

system requirements

– After Windows XP (32/64-bit).

– Pentium processor.

– 512 MB of RAM available (1G or more recommended).

– 500 MB of free hard drive space.

– 1024×768 graphics devices (high resolution recommended).


WinToHDD Enterprise 2


Photodex ProShow Gold v7 64-Bit

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Photodex ProShow Gold v7 64-Bit & 32-Bit update Download Torrent

Photodex ProShow Gold v7


Application Name :: ::


Photodex ProShow Gold


Description :: ::


Create shows immediately on your desktop with unlimited video and music. Easy installation. Share online, or on TV. Construction slideshow using wizard automatically quickly. Add photos, videos, text +. Increase in construction FX. Built-in music library and editing tools. Share video on television, Internet and more.


Picture :: ::



:: Support :: I,


Photodex ProShow Gold v7


Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v16 Download Torrent

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Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v16 Download Torrent

Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v16


Name :: :: use


CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra


Description :: ::


Having sold over 300 million copies, PowerDVD is the number one film and media players providing the highest quality and most immersive media entertainment on PCs. PowerDVD 16 now experience the award-winning screen size of the TV with an amazing mode, which allows you to create the atmosphere of the cinema in New TV on your own means you can enjoy cinema-quality movie experience in the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in the world of film beyond what you want and update the unique TrueTheater improve video quality, even Blu-ray Hi-Def and the difference it makes watching movies on the TV screen larger should be seen to be believed, dive in color-rich, high image quality, image quality details to the imagination and blown away by the traffic noise can be placed in the center of the action.


Screen :: ::



:: Help :: I


CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra **

Cracked: Keyser Soze:

: Core: 04/08/2015

: Neurotika: Util

: Serial Windows

: Keymaker: Multilingual

:: 33

.. Details

Immerse yourself in entertainment with high quality media

Technology TrueTheater PowerDVD multimedia format Last

Cross-platform media transcoding and smarter.

Integration of PowerDVD comes with the award for multimedia playback

Mobile applications and cloud services to provide a seamless entertainment

Ecosystem, which allows you to enjoy your favorite media content

At any time, any place and on any device.

.. Notes: Installation / Register

Use the application to register our keymaker

Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v16